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Shady People: Carly (left), with minder

Carly is elemental‘s Winston the Wolf.1 She’ll be in the background, three mobiles on the go, making it happen. Yesterday. She joins us for a brief chat..

How did you get pressed into these Glastonbury adventures?

I first came along to elemental in 2007. To be honest, I realise now that I was tricked! (Now I know more about the ways of the elemental team… I won’t name any names…2)

I agreed to drive to Glastonbury and pick up Colin [genius piano player], drive him back to Bristol, and then come back in as crew. For one night. On a very muddy year. Never having driven to Glastonbury before. Being a very impractical person, I tied together my duvet with my nice white cover on it with just some string and carried it in…

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from the legendary night by the campfire: myself, Jamie and a guy from Cwmbran who was an actor working at Shangri La. He stumbled, with a friend, across our campfire on his way to bed!

during the legendary night-into-day by the campfire: Jamie, Sophie and guy from Cwmbran who was an actor working at Shangri La. he stumbled with a friend* across our campfire on his way to bed!   *thanks for photo

Sophie joined team elemental this year, and, like the other newbies, brought in fresh ideas and energy…

Sophie, what got you into all this?!?

After years of attending Glasto as an Oxfam worker/punter, I finally stumbled along and introduced myself. I ended up jumping aboard for 2013!  Mad for festivals, I had begun to find them a little empty and dark with everybody’s getting out of their skulls/bodies and ending up headfirst in a bin somewhere (this was most probably me up until several years ago).

I think I was always looking for a spiritual experience really. After having a real one five years ago, I now love God as well as festivals, and the idea of creating a space for the Big Man at a festival seemed right up my street… Read the rest of this entry »

photographer unknown

photographer unknown, thank you!

down time outside elemental …

night times that fire place was crackling with conversation sparks smoke sore eyes

just another ordinary equestrian afternoon at glastonbury 2013

just another ordinary equestrian afternoon at glastonbury 2013


here’s when the elemental tent filled with party people..

we had quite a lot of these moments, thanks to all the musicians & djs

though appreciation to whole team who set up & took down (ugh!)

served drinks, chopped firewood, made art, behind scenes work,

kept things friendly, listened, prayed, & explored..

sometimes it was quiet at elemental: Fri-Sun 7pm-11pm (big stage prime-time)

& 6am to opening time at 1pm (we needed some sleep)


when it got too much

when it got too much

here’s some things we was grateful for:

# a brilliant new location (thank you Green Fields HQ)

near stone circle, by a busy track, next to good-looking Tipi Village, a stop-off for Worthy View campers, grand views of whole festival ‘city’scape, nice garden area, etc

# starting earlier: usually we have opened Thursdays, 2013 we opened Wednesday

well done to everybody who arrived early to assemble things. some crazies were on site Fri 21st & Sat 22nd. it made a difference.. & Wed & Thu were busy due to most acts started from Friday

# a lovely team & lovely visitors. a BIG THANK YOU if you popped by elemental this festival

# an amazing festival.



elemental marquee is just right (& up a bit) of Tipi Village

let’s just say for now that it was a Wonderful Festival …

please return here later this week, & to our twitter & facebook hideaways where

we’ll show you some  2013 goodies

when we can stay awake long enough to do so

Z! love






every summer when farmer michael says ‘yes’, the small-but-perfectly-formed elemental tent rises from the mud in a little patch of somerset, england. a soiled but sparkly-eyed team of mavericks gather together & build a place of warmth, fuzziness, welcome, discovery, faith & forgetfulness. as well as making you tea, putting on a record, joining in a late night discussion or massaging your shoulders, these holy joes coyly show/hide their fragile beliefs & personal stories. they occasionally listen to yours too & are known to be ‘ok’ people (but-could-try-harder-though) when back in their homes towns.

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