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A big Thank You to every-body (1700+ at present) who’ve looked up elemental online, even though we’re not at Glastonbury this year.

To those on site who walked up to our old patch & found lovely toilets there – we’re sorry that we can’t lay on our particular mix of home comforts, creative blasts & spiritual odours.


Still, we know you’ll enjoy other cosy rest-stops over the next few days & nights, what with so many gorgeous places & people, innit. Say ‘Hi’ to Lionel too.

But if you are missing our cushy marquee..

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If you, like me, are on the other (wrong!) side of the fence – Thanks too for looking up elemental. Write something too for us maybe.. Hope you enjoy Glasto from a distance & maybe we’ll meet at the festival next time.. Who knows?


The elemental family are sorry that we can’t be at Glastonbury 2015.

We hope that you have a brilliant weekend, whatever you choose to do..

Alas, this year our venue is not on the final site map – but if you are bound for Pilton, there are 100s of high-calibre venues & capers at the festival, who we know you will love.

wish we were with you

wish we were with you




We hope you enjoy this photo selection of elemental moments at previous festivals..

inside elemental tent during visiting hours



morning campfire

live lounging

loc photo


2 fast, 2 furious

Up that totem pole!

I think it was the Wednesday of Glasto ’14. As we put finishing touches to our elemental campsite, 2 chaps spoke to me, but not in English. This in itself was a surprise, as I think I only heard some español in a crowd & a bit of italiano was growled on our patch.

As it happened, they’d noticed an old mdf speech bubble we’d pinned up by the nearby generator which read in pink spray-paint : “DUW CARIAD YW”, & since this was in their 1st language, it had gotten their attention, like.

As we chatted, in their trade & my only language, it turned out Read the rest of this entry »

Thanks to Isabelle Neill for this offering!

We’ll be adding more pictures & words here very soon. Thank you to Aaron & Sophie for these photos taken nearer start of Glasto week. Special thank you to Marisa, Josh & Aaron for amazing help on these 1st few days. Monday (23rd) we had 16 people on site – making the setting up much faster & even more fun. That ‘let’s-make-it-happen’ gig by Jamie & Sophie on the Wednesday, relaxing on the benches outside, was elemental’s ‘opening ceremony’. A lot of people got involved & it had soul.

Nic building bench shelter

Nic building bench shelter

you are here

you are here

making things pretty

making things pretty

Sophie & Jamie's Wednesday fireside gig while big sound kit still needed final adjustments

Sophie & Jamie’s Wednesday fireside gig while big sound kit still needed final adjustments

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see that tiny white arrow? we were there.

see that tiny white arrow? we were there.

Do seek our little patch of welcome & bleary-eyed daftness during your mighty treks across this lavish festival for a bit of christo-centric high-altitude atmosphere.We hope you have a wonderful time. Any up-to-the-minute news re elemental will be found at our natty marquee, or, on our feathery Twitter site & Facebook thingy with a feed pics on our new Instagram site.  And maybe read some of the posts below.. Seeyaaah!


every summer when farmer michael says ‘yes’, the small-but-perfectly-formed elemental tent rises from the mud in a little patch of somerset, england. a soiled but sparkly-eyed team of mavericks gather together & build a place of warmth, fuzziness, welcome, discovery, faith & forgetfulness. as well as making you tea, putting on a record, joining in a late night discussion or massaging your shoulders, these holy joes coyly show/hide their fragile beliefs & personal stories. they occasionally listen to yours too & are known to be ‘ok’ people (but-could-try-harder-though) when back in their homes towns.

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