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Up that totem pole!

I think it was the Wednesday of Glasto ’14. As we put finishing touches to our elemental campsite, 2 chaps spoke to me, but not in English. This in itself was a surprise, as I think I only heard some español in a crowd & a bit of italiano was growled on our patch.

As it happened, they’d noticed an old mdf speech bubble we’d pinned up by the nearby generator which read in pink spray-paint : “DUW CARIAD YW”, & since this was in their 1st language, it had gotten their attention, like.

As we chatted, in their trade & my only language, it turned out Read the rest of this entry »

Thanks to Isabelle Neill for this offering!

We’ll be adding more pictures & words here very soon. Thank you to Aaron & Sophie for these photos taken nearer start of Glasto week. Special thank you to Marisa, Josh & Aaron for amazing help on these 1st few days. Monday (23rd) we had 16 people on site – making the setting up much faster & even more fun. That ‘let’s-make-it-happen’ gig by Jamie & Sophie on the Wednesday, relaxing on the benches outside, was elemental’s ‘opening ceremony’. A lot of people got involved & it had soul.

Nic building bench shelter

Nic building bench shelter

you are here

you are here

making things pretty

making things pretty

Sophie & Jamie's Wednesday fireside gig while big sound kit still needed final adjustments

Sophie & Jamie’s Wednesday fireside gig while big sound kit still needed final adjustments

Do keep a lookout here & at our facebook, twitter & instagram perches where we will soon add photos, reminisce & baffle. Meanwhile:  zzz  zzz zzz

see that tiny white arrow? we were there.

see that tiny white arrow? we were there.

Do seek our little patch of welcome & bleary-eyed daftness during your mighty treks across this lavish festival for a bit of christo-centric high-altitude atmosphere.We hope you have a wonderful time. Any up-to-the-minute news re elemental will be found at our natty marquee, or, on our feathery Twitter site & Facebook thingy with a feed pics on our new Instagram site.  And maybe read some of the posts below.. Seeyaaah!

With his chirpy London accent, nimble football skills, dancefloor know-how, & car-maintenance qualifications, Sam is most definitely The Man. We meet for a short interview (just before his weekly manicure) where we heartily guffaw & slap each others’ backs, & gamely discuss: art college drop-outs, mental health, basement parties, & ..Glastonbury! Roll that tape..!

I remember a painting of yours 1 year at Glastonbury (which year is all a haze), stuck on a white 8×4 board inside elemental’s shack/pagoda. It was of a <Jesus>-like figure (white robes, arms outstretched), but with a halo made from radiating real & empty (at least when I turned up) anti-depressant boxes. What was all that about!?

Yeah, I remember that. Coming through security was a mare that year; I ended up getting searched for an hour while they trawled through an entire bin-liner full of empty psychiatric medication boxes!

messiah complex

messiah complex

I think at the time I had just recently got my first job as a mental health nurse on an acute ward & I was impressed/horrified by the vast amount of medication that was administered (forcibly or otherwise) to patients  there. The varying colours, shapes & sizes of tablets & packaging appealed to my aesthetic too so wanted to experiment with them somehow.

My idea in the end was Read the rest of this entry »

I like Google’s changing logos. Their cheerful illustrations teach me something new (eg. 300thbirthday of pencil-sharpener inventor). The World Cup shows me new things too, & not just football – a chance to see a little more about countries of the world, beyond them being sites of war or disaster. Luke 15:8 Google turned its logo into a favela a few days back. It looked good. I marvel at the cartoonist skill of reducing things to a minimum of marks & shapes & still making an immediately recognisable character, or in this case, a type of housing.

But.. is it OK to ‘reduce’ a real problem (& Brasil’s extremes of wealth & poverty is a problem, not just an inevitable reality) into what is merely graphic charm (& part of Google’s branding)? Read the rest of this entry »


every summer when farmer michael says ‘yes’, the small-but-perfectly-formed elemental tent rises from the mud in a little patch of somerset, england. a soiled but sparkly-eyed team of mavericks gather together & build a place of warmth, fuzziness, welcome, discovery, faith & forgetfulness. as well as making you tea, putting on a record, joining in a late night discussion or massaging your shoulders, these holy joes coyly show/hide their fragile beliefs & personal stories. they occasionally listen to yours too & are known to be ‘ok’ people (but-could-try-harder-though) when back in their homes towns.

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